Our Story

Our Story

Just over eight years ago Alli Cardona began creating and developing her company Custom Cookie Co. Alli had previously worked in many roles in the food industry, primarily in baking, before becoming Technical and Product Development Director for a well known baking business.

With her wealth of pertinent experience, Alli was inspired to set up her own company after visiting a cupcake company in the north of England. Noting how the company catered creatively both for individual customers and for a corporate market, she had the idea of creating, not a cupcake company, but an infinitely more flexible one that sold cookies.

Alli rightly foresaw the potential for producing different shapes and designs of cookies exactly suited to the clients needs. The new company began with a one page website and within a week Custom Cookie Co had its first wedding booking.

Whole Hearted

We’re committed to making delicious treats that are sure to be eaten in minutes yet remembered for years. We’re enthusiastic about what we do and customers often tell us that this passion can be tasted with every bite.


Fearlessly Passionate

We are without a doubt crazy in love with what we do.

We’re the annoying team of people that genuinely love our job, and we really hope that shows through our creative cookies.


Super Original

There’s no doubt about it, our designs are one of a kind. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a family member’s birthday or a box of customised cookies decorated with your company’s logo, we’ll freshly bake and hand decorate every creation with care.


Our Vision

Our Vision

The rate of growth made by the company has been exciting and inspiring. Although Custom Cookie Co has a growing gift range - each of which can be personalised to a high degree, it is Corporate contracts that now account for most of the business.

Custom Cookie Co specialise in producing bespoke cookie designs for all types promotions from clothing to cars and everything in between. The company has produced thousands of cookies sporting the Vodafone symbol and does some very intricate work such as incorporating Stella McCartney designs into the baking.

Businesses use Custom Cookie Co for rewards, incentives, client gifts, promotions, presentations and special one off events.

To cope with the ever growing demand the company has recently been incorporated into Martins Bakery in Manchester where it now houses its production. Although the business is now part of a larger bakery, Alli herself is still very much involved in the creative work and how each design should be tackled and fulfilled. ‘Custom Cookie Co being part of Martins Bakery has allowed us to give the business the resource it needs to continue to improve and expand.’

We look forward to the challenges of 2019!