5 Ways To Create Hype When Rebranding Your Business

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If you’re in the process of rebranding your business, you’re probably excited about all the adventures and new possibilities that lie ahead. But unless you properly promote your rebrand and create lots of hype online, you may be disappointed by the lack of attention your new look gets.

Here are 5 ways to create hype when rebranding your business.

Countdown to the big reveal​

If you’re launching a new website, ask your designer or developer to set up a holding page with a countdown to launch day. Users may be disappointed to see that your site isn’t up and running just yet, so it may be worth directing them to your social media accounts or encouraging them to sign up to your email newsletter. That way you can keep in touch and give them a friendly nudge once your new site is live.

Run a giveaway or competition

If you have space in your budget to give away a free product or service, why not run a competition or giveaway to celebrate your company’s fresh start?

Rafflecopter giveaways can be a particularly great opportunity to grow your audience and increase your social media followers while also getting your company’s name out in the world.  

Keep blogging

If you’re keeping your website up and running until the last minute before you make the switch, make sure you keep your blog updated. This will help attract people to your website and increase your audience ready for the change.

Even if your website is down, there’s no reason to stop creating. Talk to fellow website owners to try and land some guest posting opportunities on relevant blogs. By blogging for others, you can raise awareness of your brand while strengthening your relationship with others in your industry.

Contact PRs and journalists

Whether your rebrand is a few weeks away or it’s already live, get in touch with PRs and journalists to let them know about your company’s new look.

But rather than telling the people you email all about your business, try to think of a unique angle. Phrase your story in a way that will grab people’s attention.

Although you’re crazy about your company, strangers aren’t just yet. That’s why you need to lure them in with a captivating story and give them a reason to care!

Send promotional gifts to clients and influencers

Tell your clients and customers about your new brand and sweeten up influencers by sending branded promotional gifts to them in the post.

Branded pens and notebooks are okay but there’s always a risk these items will be thrown in a cupboard and forgotten about within a couple of days.

Instead, why not send out a bunch of customised cookies? Not only will they receive a delicious free gift, they’ll also have something super attractive to snap a photo of and share on social media.

At Custom Cookie Company, we create personalised cookies that are perfect for promotional use. Each design is handcrafted and freshly baked, allowing us to tailor our creations especially for you and your business.

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