The Story Behind Custom Cookie Co.

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It’s been almost a decade since Custom Cookie Co. founder Alli Cardona decided to turn her passion for baking into a business. Alli had spent years working in a number of roles within the food industry, developing her skills and building up a wealth of experience.

The birth of Custom Cookie Company

It was only when Alli was working as Technical and Product Development Director for a well known baking business that she decided to take the leap and get started on her own. Alli felt particularly inspired during a visit to a cupcake company in the north of England. She was impressed by the company’s passion for catering creatively for both individual customers and the corporate market. It was then that the idea for Custom Cookie Co. was born.

Alli saw the potential for a company that produces cookies in a diverse choice of shapes and designs, each one designed, baked and hand decorated with the customer in mind.

Just a week after creating the company’s one page website, it had its very first wedding booking. The success certainly didn’t stop there, however. Custom Cookie Co. has enjoyed impressive and unanticipated growth over the years.

Breaking into the corporate market

While gifts and personal designs made up the bulk of orders in the early days, over time the number of corporate cookie orders has risen exponentially.

One of our biggest orders involved creating thousands of cookies sporting the Vodafone logo. We’re also experts when it comes to intricate designs that require bags of talent and precision.

Whether a company needs customised cookies for an event, incentive, promotion, presentation or gift, we’ve spent the last 10 years doing everything we can to build our customers’ trust and admiration.

Get in touch for bespoke cookies baked with love

If you’re looking for bespoke cookie designs, please get in touch with Alli and her team of talented bakers. Whether you’ve seen some cookies on our website that you’d like to order or you’re keen to design something yourself, we can turn your dreams into a reality.

From the moment we grab our rolling pins to the second we pop our creations in the oven, we’ll do everything we can to make delicious cookies that deserve to be shown off.


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