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With the end of the school year fast approaching, it’s time to thank your favourite teachers for all their hard work and dedication. Whether you want to applaud Mrs Thompson for taking you on an amazing school trip or praise Mr Smith for helping you pass your exams, why not get them a box of personalised cookies to show how grateful you are?

Looking for something simple? Cut to the chase and say a massive ‘thank you’ with our large Thank You cookies gift tin.

We also have these cute thank you boxes designed especially for teachers. Each gift box contains a ribboned gift tag bearing your special message.

Thank your music teacher for sharing their skills with you by giving them a box of personalised cookies in the shape of musical notes and instruments.

Thank your literature teacher with cookies in the shape of the books you’ve read this year or prove to your chemistry teacher that you’ve been paying attention by ordering the periodic table in edible form. No matter what you favourite teacher’s subject is, the sky’s the limit in terms of cookie designs.

Although our gift boxes are hugely popular, you may prefer to present your teacher with individually wrapped cookies. We’re sure your maths teacher will love these delicious edible calculators.

Did your teacher take you on an amazing school trip this year? Thank them with a box of travel and landmark-inspired cookies. Pictured below are some of London’s most famous landmarks, proving just how much flexible we are when it comes to creating an edible version of your trip. Whether your class visited Barcelona’s incredible Sagrada Familia, explored Venice on gondolas, or went skiing in the French Alps, we can create some personalised cookies inspired by your adventure.


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