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Giving gifts to the guests at your wedding has been around for centuries. Aristocrats from Europe, especially Italy and France used to give small precious boxes (bonbonnieres) with sugar confections inside – and we’ve continued to tradition to this day – but why do we really spend money on these favours?

Why have wedding favours?

Favours can be seen as an unnecessary expense, on an already potentially expensive day. You can be forgiven for thinking you’ll simply cut them out altogether and save yourself some money… but don’t!

Wedding favours give the bride and groom an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to their guests. These take home souvenirs show your appreciation and gratitude. Weddings are seen as a lucky time, and giving out favours is passing that good luck onto your guests.

Traditional wedding favour problems

The usual types of wedding favours actually have two big problems. Firstly, most people just eat the sweets and throw away the cute packaging! The second problem with bulk ordered favours is, they’re just not personal.

Brides-to-be often spend hours putting sweets into suit shaped boxes and wrapping colour co-ordinated organza, often to add that ‘homemade’ and personal feel to their wedding… but there is an easier way!

Opt for easier and personalised!

If you want an easier way to add that homemade feel and to personalise your favours, why not look at our range of edible favours? Everyone loves homemade cookies and they’re perfect for every type of wedding, including:

  • Themed
  • Unusual or unique
  • Traditional or modern

You can select your own cookie flavour from a choice of chocolate brownie, real vanilla and gingerbread, along with the colour of icing and ribbon, plus you can select from a wide range of cookie shapes. By using them as place names, they also serve a function and offer you the opportunity to say a personal thank you to each guest!

With a wide range of edible wedding favour cookies available, why not share the cookie love and see how you will say ‘thank you’ to your wedding guests?



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