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However, large or small your business is, being seen, noticed and remembered is always good for business.Bayern Munich cookie cards

There’s nothing new or memorable about branded umbrellas, pens and post-it notes. They have been doing the rounds forever, which is why Corporate marketing and events teams are constantly looking for something that makes them stand out from the crowd. Something special, affordable, unique, that’ll make the recipient smile and connect with a warm fuzzy feeling about their Brand.

Delicious, beautifully designed and hand crafted Custom Cookie Co gifts to do just that! We can even do them in the shape of a pen or a post it note! But as ever, cookies tick all the boxes!

What makes us different from many other cupcake and cookie companies is that we can deliver your brand message in an entirely novel and unique way and including an accurate depiction of your brand, logo or message.

Our computerised system allows us to faithfully print your logo artwork and branded colours exactly.

Search Laboratory cookiesWhile we have your images on screen, the cookies are freshly baked for you, and after the base icing has set, we line them up in our high-tech inkjet printer, which then prints directly onto the ready iced cookies in edible ink.

The boxed cookies we made for Bayern Munich Football Club, when they played Arsenal in the recent Champions League last 16 match, demonstrate this cookie icing technique.

The beauty of our specialised edible printing is that we can also print on to irregular shapes, such as the dresses and T-shirts we made for Search Laboratory, and the perfume bottles for La Mer, thus making your gifts truly unique.

The Gucci cookie box, demonstrates how we printed the iconic Gucci design onto the base-iced cookies, and then hand-piped the detailing to finish.

Custom Cookie Company corporate cookie gifts range from single branded cookies sealed in a bag with colour-coordinated ribbon, to detailed boxed gifts.

This flexibility allows us to tailor the value of your branded gift to the occasion, whether you are looking for table gifts at dinners and business conferences, or an impressive boxed gift arriving by Royal Mail or courier direct to your client’s desk.

Be it a thank you to existing clients, a token of appreciation at staff events, or a promotional gift at a product launch, we work with you to design and custom make a bespoke cookie gift that will raise your brand awareness and bring smiles to your company occasion.gucci-boxGucci themed cookie gift box

If you have an event coming up, or a gift requirement, please do contact us to discuss how we can help you.

We love to connect with our cookie fans, and you can find us on Twitter and Facebook. Please leave a comment here too.

Baking you happy!


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