How To Thank Your Customers

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We’ve previously touched on on how you can apologise to your customers when things go wrong, but what about when things are going right?

Sometimes, you just want to show your customers some gratitude, especially for their their continued loyalty and commitment to your brand and business. By far the easiest way to build a closer relationship with customers is to take the time to genuinely thank them for their business.

It’s sounds simple, but surprisingly many companies don't bother taking the time to genuinely offer thanks to their customers, and this then leaves the risk of them taking their business elsewhere.

Making them feel valued

Focusing on delivering meaningful customer experiences can really help to seal your place in the market, and thanking customers and clients goes a long way. If loyal customers start to feel like your business is indifferent to them, they will feel less connected to your company.

In order to avoid losing them, customers need to feel valued, and expressing gratitude in return for their business is a simple way to make them instantly feel this way, and build more loyalty.

Giving a personal touch

When a customer is committed to you, they want to feel like you care about them as an individual; and there’s no better way to achieve this than by thanking them with an added personal touch, to show that you care.

A personal thank you; from a tweet, letter or email can work wonders, but so can thinking outside the box too.

Why not go further with a customised gift?

Thanking your customers by going the extra mile with a customised gift, will be even more effective, especially when it’s a delicious tasty treat.

Imagine if they received an individually wrapped cookie with their name on it, or if they got a personalised tin of thank you cookies, to really leave them with a deliciously positive lasting impression.

At Custom Cookies, we offer corporate gift boxes, designed to be the perfect unique thank you gifts from generous businesses, to both clients and associates. They come in a range of sizes to suit every occasion, and we can customise each cookie as you like, with your choice of decoration, size and colour.

Each and every mouth-watering cookie is freshly baked and hand decorated with care, making them the ideal thank you gift for any loyal customer. A box of customised cookies designed especially for them, is guaranteed to give them that sense of value they want from your business, with that added personalised touch.

To learn more, please get in touch with our team today.


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