Custom Cookie Company: from home kitchen to global success – Part Two

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In Part Two of this two part feature, we continue to learn more about Allison Cardona, AKA Cookie Queen Alli and the creator of beautiful edible cookies and founder of the Custom Cookie Company. (If you missed the first part, you can read it by clicking here).

You’ve had some great organisations commission you, Alli. What do you think makes cookies and business mix so well together?

Everyone loves a beautiful biscuit – especially when it looks almost too good to eat! Savvy business owners have realised that cute little cookies are also the perfect way to get their message across. It enhances what’s unique about them, for example, VAX commissioned my team to create sweet treats for their marketing campaigns. We recently created a gift box for them that featured all of the main characters from their television advertisement – complete with a shaggy dog, VAX cleaner and even a sheep!

We’ve produced everything from designer shoes and bags, through to adorable animals, logos and appliances – it’s the perfect (and sweet!) way to seal the deal, say thank you to clients or simply promote a new product.

When it comes to your dream order, who’s on your secret wish list?

We actually sent a lovely Royal Box, complete with a golden coach and a corgi, to Buckingham Palace for the Jubilee. Let’s just say, it would be a dream come true if Her Royal Highness, or other member of the royal family, placed an order for a baby gift box for the family’s new arrival!

How’s 2015 shaping up for you and the Custom Cookie Company

The future has been looking brighter every year we are in business, and 2015 is going to be no exception. We’ve launched a new and improved website and will be offering some great new designs. This is to ensure our customers (whether they’re individuals who love a pretty treat or savvy corporate companies who want a unique way to get their message across) all have an easier experience and a more expanded range of yummy Custom Cookie Company products to choose from.

And the final words from Cookie Queen Alli? “Creativity and inspiration are all around us. Having the opportunity to create something unique and bespoke, something that really speaks to my customers and shares the cookie love, that’is my favourite part of the job – it’s my passion.”


Whether you’re after a tasty treat or a bespoke gift box, why not try out our new and improved website? You can easily search our range of edible delights and find the perfect miniature work of art for you!


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