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At Custom Cookie Co, we know the value a delicious batch of branded biscuits or personalised cookies can have when it comes to building new client relationships, congratulating employees for a job well done, or just giving your brand a beneficial boost! This is why we work with many companies every week, delivering great tasting treats that really hit the spot no matter what the occasion. 

Whether it’s baking logo biscuits for a promotional event, designing delicious decorated cookies to lure in new customers, or crafting some corporate biscuits for a new product launch - we’re passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals.

Branded Biscuits

We’ve built a reputation over the years for creating corporate cookies with care, attention and precision. Our logo biscuits and corporate biscuits are always on brand, on budget and never fail to impress. And our branded biscuits have helped many companies over the years to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. 

Here’s 4 of our favourite corporate logo cookies that we have created here at Custom Cookie Co.

CBeebies Corporate Gift Box

These delicious, vibrant and colourful branded biscuits where baked to reflect the fun-filled vibe of the beloved children's television channel! The CBeebies Corporate Gift Box reflects our creativity, and highlights our goal to provide a visual treat as well as a tasty one! 

Churchill Dog Promotional Cookies 

Who doesn’t remember the iconic Churchill nodding dog? This instantly recognisable little character became synonymous with the insurance company’s brand, and quickly turned into one of the most popular mascots on television. These perfectly crafted and delicious churchill dog branded biscuits are sure to get you saying "oh yes!"

RuPaul’s Drag Race Promotional Cookies 

The American television show has become an obsession for many fans. It has continued to hit high ratings since its premiere back in 2009, and still has the fashion industry fixated. It’s a show that embraces extravagance as something to be celebrated and cherished, and we couldn’t agree more. Our RuPaul’s Drag Race branded biscuits are real show stoppers, designed to leave a lasting impression.

Where’s Wally Promotional Cookies

Despite the character’s elusive nature, Wally; with his iconic red and white stripy jumper, thick round glasses, magic walking stick and bobble hat, is one of the most recognised and much-loved characters around. Most of us remember peering through the pages of the treasured 'Where's Wally?' series, trying to find him and his friends. You’ll have no trouble finding our tasty Where’s Wally branded biscuits, and they can certainly provide you with some scrumptious nostalgia.

Perhaps you’re looking for a ‘thank you’ gift for your clients, a tantalising treat to share amongst your staff, or something sweet to celebrate your company’s rebrand. Whatever you need, we’ll deliver a charming combination of visual appeal, wow factor, taste and overall quality just for you.

Our logo biscuits and corporate biscuits can be specially designed just the way you want them, for a truly memorable and mouth-watering experience. 

If you need some delicious branded biscuits then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today for a quick quote

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