3 Reasons Our Personalised Cookies Are Perfect For Christmas

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With Christmas just over a month away, you’re probably starting to think about what to buy your friends, relatives and colleagues this holiday season.

Although we may be a little biased, we honestly can’t think of a more adorable, festive and thoughtful gift to buy your pals than our delicious personalised Christmas cookies.

Here are just 3 reasons our personalised cookies make the perfect gift for Christmas:

Personalised gifts show you care

When it comes to gift giving, we’re often told that it’s the thought that counts. And nothing says “I’m thoughtful and care about you” quite like a personalised gift that has been customised for the recipient.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend, relative or workmate, we bet they’ll love our Personalised Christmas Favour Cookies. They’ll be delivered in a set of 10, each one personalised with names of your choice.

It’s completely up to you whether you send all 10 to the same friend or request different names on each cookie! These sweet treats make fantastic stocking fillers or dinner table favours. They can be placed on your dining table alongside your Christmas crackers and party hats.

Our customised cookies can be eaten in minutes but remembered for years

Our customers often praise us for creating deliciously irresistible treats that can be devoured in a matter of minutes. The problem is, we’re also told that they look so adorable and Instagrammable that recipients can’t help but snap countless photos before scoffing them in seconds. Our personalised cookies really are gifts to be eaten in minutes but remembered for years to come.

You can’t go wrong with edible treats

We all know that one person who is absolutely impossible to buy for. If you can’t figure out which of your friends that person is, it’s you!

Whether you have a friend who already owns everything they could possibly wish for or you have a colleague who is famous for being fussy, you can’t go wrong with our personalised Christmas cookies. Pretty much everyone likes eating lots of food at Christmas, making our customised snacks an ideal gift for awkward friends and relatives.

Get a closer look at our advent cookie gift tins, Christmas favours and festive hampers by visiting our full Christmas cookie range.


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