3 Reasons To Have Your Company Logo Printed On A Cookie

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If you’re looking for creative ways to step up your marketing efforts and grab the attention of new customers, having your company logo printed on customised cookies can be a great way of doing just that.

Leaving a lasting impact at your next trade show

Standing out at a trade show is crucial in order to get great value for money. After all, with countless other businesses battling it out for visitors’ attention, you need to find a way to stand out in the crowd and leave a lasting impression. This is where branded cookies can come in useful. By having your company logo or slogan printed onto individually wrapped treats, not only can you attract potential customers over to your stall, you can increase your chances of making an impact.

Making a big announcement

Whether you’re celebrating a business milestone or you want to draw attention to your new branding, having your company logo printed onto cookies can be a brilliant way of making a big announcement. And there are so many ways to present your customised cookies, from sending a tin of treats to a client to handing out individually-wrapped biscuits to guests at a party.

Give people something to shout about on social media

Everyone loves taking photos of their food, so why not gift your clients something that’s A. delicious and B. looks great on their social media feeds? By having your company logo or a personalised design printed onto some delicious biscuits, you’ll increase your chances of appearing on your clients’ profiles. Who knows how many clients you might win as a result of this effortless promotion? If branded cookies sound like something you’d like to explore, why not get in touch with the team at Custom Cookie Co today. We’ll bake and hand decorate a selection of delicious cookies, tailoring each one to suit your business. Each cookie will be bespoke and made especially for you and your business goals.


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